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Our pieces are definite conversation starters!

From our popular copper Kiwis to our full-sized large animals, you can select the look, style, and animal of your choice to take pride of place in your home, farm or special place. All of our sculptures are crafted here in Northland, New Zealand. We make them from recycled materials, turning what others have discarded into art.

Our sculptures can be found across New Zealand, and all over the world. If you’ve got a space that needs one of our rustic animals, we’ll get it to you, where ever you are.

What makes Rustic twist different?

Every piece is hand cut

Every piece of metal is hand cut and crafted by Reuben.

Kiwi designed and made

All our designs are designed in house by Reuben, with years of experience each animal design is made with incredible attention to detail.

No two animals the same

No two animals are the same as each item is hand cut from sheet metal and corrugated iron. As the animals age they all slowly change as they oxidise and the rust layer begins its slow process.